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1968 알파화성 설립 (국내 최초 PE망 생산개시)
Establishment of Alpha Hwasung(Producing PE net for the firt time in the country)
1976 성수동 준공단지 지역에 PE망 생산시설 증설
Expansion of PE net production facilities in quasicompiex at Seongsu-dong
1987 (주)삼성전자 협력회사 등록
Resistration as a company for Samsung Electronics CO.,LTD
1996 아산시 득산 농·공업 단지로 시설 확장이전
Moviog the plant to Deuksan agriculture and industry complex at Asan city in
  Choongnam province through expanding its facilities
1999 지오컴포지트 개발
Development of Geo-Compositec
ISO 9001 인증획득 Certified ISO 9001
2000 (주)알파화성으로 법인전환
Conversion into a corporate of(CO.,)Alpha Hwasung
2005 국낸최초 Geo-Composite(3중구조형)개발
Development of Geo-Composite (Triple net)